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2 West End Penygroes Caernarfon LL546NR

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By leaving your computer with Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers for repair, the customer is agreeing to a minimum charge of a £20 valuation fee unless otherwise stated by a staff member.
Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers requires payment for any special orders before the order is placed.
Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers reserves the right to ask for payment before work starts.
Payment is due in full upon completion of any work carried out by Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers, unless a different arrangement has been made.
Unless stated differently by Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers, any invoiced work must be paid for within 7 days. All goods supplied by Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers, remain the property of Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers until payment has been received in full.

Anti-Virus Protection

If there is no anti-virus protection installed on a machine, Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers will need to run virus scans before the machine can be connected to our network. If this is necessary, the evaluation charge will increase accordingly.

Data Security

Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers will only view data when necessary (for example, if there is a problem with a file or data transfer has been performed, to check files open correctly).
If for any reason data may be lost during the course of working on a customer’s computer, Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers will save data wherever possible if the customer agrees to the charges.
Although Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers will recover data whenever possible, it is the customer’s responsibility to back up their data on a regular basis in case a situation arises where they might lose it.
When data transfer occurs, the customer has the right and it is our recommendation to check that all data has been transferred correctly before further work is carried out.


Customers have the right to return unopened, unused products within 30 days (as this is within the consumer rights).
If the customer wishes to return a product due to them changing their mind it is Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers discretion to offer a refund or store credit. There may be a charge for restocking or to cover loss in goods, as they cannot be re-sold as new.
For faulty products, see Warranties.


New products sold by Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers have a manufacturer’s warranty. If it is a warranty issue, Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers can talk to the manufacturer on the customers behalf.
Second hand products come with the warranty stated on the individual item. It is the customers responsibility to check this warranty before purchase.
Repairs completed by Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers have a warranty of 30 days unless stated differently on the worksheet.
Virus removal has a warranty of two weeks. If the virus reappears during this time, the cost of removing the virus is deducted from the cost of reinstalling Windows. This is only valid if it is the same virus reappearing. If it is a different virus then our standard charges apply.
Warranties do not apply to the following:
Repair, replacement or periodic maintenance due to normal wear and tear Consumable items supplied with product (e.g. ink, batteries etc) Physical damage Damage caused by changes, adjustments or adaptations which have been made to the product Failure to use products for their intended purpose Correct maintenance has not been carried out for the product Connection error (e.g. incorrect voltage supply, wrong socket etc) Attempted repair by any other party Software issues that may have been caused by a problem outside of Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers control. Equipment and Orders unclaimed for 3 months
Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers will treat products as abandoned if retained by Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers for 3 months and attempts have been made to contact the customer within this time.
Abandoned products will be sold, used or disposed of by Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers.
At this time, Cyfrifiaduron Whitten Computers will have no liability to the customer or any third party.